Living Life: 0223 – 0310

Living Life: 0223 – 0310

So here are the next 10 photos for my photoblog. Yes, I really missed days. But hey, I’m trying. Hope I would be consistent in the next weeks.

Anyway, much of my excuses, :p

I always love bracelets. So I started my week by arranging my bracelets in that box. I still have more bracelets – in other boxes. 🙂

I had a meeting with DepEd that day for consultation in one of stat analysis project. I was really excited. Stat stuffs give me excitement.

My sister, Shimara went to Laguna to attend a nursery national contest. While waiting for the results, we played paper dolls.

I played with Naya while her mom is doing some household chores. Naya is such an angel.

I had a free solo room at Taal Vista. I am sooo blessed.

This is my journal, bible, and pen – they are “must” in my life.

And this is my site.

A heart-shaped yellow watermelon for breakfast.

A stage set for the 2nd Year DMI Makati Anniversary.

And that ends my 10 entries. 🙂


Living Life: 021310 to 022210

A photoblog. 🙂 I have a photoblog site but I got this better idea from Mari. I think this is a good way of documenting my daily highlights through pictures.

All pictures were taken by me. I use either my Sony Cybershot T700 or N5800 Music Express phone.

Here is my first week entry. Uhm, I missed days but next week, I would try to have a daily picture. Enjoy! 🙂

A good friend and I went to Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Pampanga. We were a bit late because the first show already started and we got trapped outside the gate. 🙂

After the hot air balloon show, on the same date, an officemate drove us to his province – Pampanga. We got the chance to visit some churches that were devastated by lahar. Here is a picture of the church’s remain – a window.

I had a date with some friends from destiny Makati. I always have a party/date with these people every Valentines.

I drew these doodles when we were having dinner. I got a pen and tissue with me.

I took this picture of Katipunan Station while waiting for a train on my way back home. I came from a meeting that day in Ateneo for a special project.

Last Saturday early morning before I go to sleep (LOL, because I work up to 12mn and stay awake until 2 am), I consumed an apple and dessert while doing some online non-work stuffs.

On my way home, I planned to buy a book – A month to live – as influenced by Kuya Chard’s blog. But I end up not buying one because it is very costly – 899.00. Awww – almost near my weekly allowance. This is a picture of the Powerbooks floor. They designed it with books’ pages.

I was sleepless last weekend – pastor’s bday celebration, unexpected attendee of my officemate’s bday celebration, dm tasks, preparing a video presentation so I end up sleeping just for 2 hours. After I attended Sunday church service, I went straight to my bed. And so I slept from 4 pm (Sunday) to 6 am (Monday). 🙂 After I did some morning routine, I opened my laptop and watched (again) 500 days of summer while eating mango and pasta for breakfast. 🙂