The Jump

This is my ‘out-of-hiatus’ entry! When I was thinking of something glamorous to write for my 3 blog readers (me, myself, and I lang pala, hahaha), I suddenly saw this video in my file. Nevermind the taga-batok-guy I’m with, he used to be really mean.

When I travelled few years back to Subic, I decided to try the tree drop adventure. It seemed to be fun and challenging. I looked so funny at the start because I was trying to quit. I didn’t mind the funny guys nor felt the puke from that guy, all I wanted was to quit. Too much time was wasted because I was turning away from the challenge. I didn’t know I was afraid of heights. I didn’t know that the tree top would make your knees shake. No one told me that it’s scary. But after few minutes of ‘convincing and pambobola’, they let me go. I sort of let go too. And voila, it just took me less than 10 seconds to hit the ground!

These are my take-away from this experience.


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