Best of 2012 and Moving Forward

A month-late post.

I’m not sure how to condense my 12 months worth of stories in one blog post . I have forgotten some of the people I’m with, places I’ve been, lessons I learned, hopes, dreams, goals. And speaking of goals, I wrote my 2012 goals in onenote and I completely forgot the password *facepalm*. Suffice to show that I really forget details.

Taking credit to this site  for giving me an idea on how to summarize my year.


Car&Tree. Came unexpectedly expected. Whew! Ineffable joy and love, it is.  House. One that I dream of for my family. It was 25 years long wait for my parents and long years of dreaming for me. God is faithful. Passed Theory. I had three theory subjects last year. It was really hard for me to juggle my school, work, and responsibilities. I intent to graduate and I cannot afford to fail. MDM Graduation. It was four years of working here. Finally, it’s over.  

I’m dreaming too much for this year. Created some organized file to list my goals of faith and hope. Most of them is to settle the ‘mess’ I did last year or to ‘iron’ the things I have started – more polished and organized. I’m dreaming that this year, I’ll be more holistic. Biggest priority is to grow more spiritually. That even if I have walked several times to the zigzag road, I will still connect the dots leading me  to the straight path of my destiny. 🙂


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