Pride Wall


Just to let you know that I created a pride wall. Who dares to break in?


Pages Wasted

It was my year 2011.

I could have written wonderful stories and entries on my one year book of life but I found pages wasted on stories of despair, heartaches, frustrations, and mediocrity. I was a wanderer in the mountain – trying to walk on the chosen and best path but tend to be distracted by other ‘wonderful’ sites. So, I was a wanderer taking a longer path. The distraction is sometimes nice, beautiful, pleasurable, but painful. Painful are bearable, yes. But when you are hurt, too much hurt, it becomes unbearable.

So here are some share able thoughts I have from my 2011.

    •  School and Full time Work at the Same Time is Hard. Praise God for the Graduate School, finally enrolled myself this school year! But graduate school and full-time work are equivalently hard. Don’t take the challenge if you don’t have the passion or calling.
    • Mediocre mind results to mediocre performance. I had ‘revenge’ on my 2010 work’s performance. So, I set my mind to have a mediocre outputs. True enough – I got my expected rating by the end of the year.
    • That I can climb a mountain. Had many affairs with the mountain this year – Mt. Pulag, Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Makiling. Oh, only three. Hahaha. But I had many camping after those mountains. And I super love camping. Mountains give me the feeling of being close to God’s loveliest creation. The simplicity of life when you don’t have all the easy pleasures of life. The laughter despite the struggle of climbing a mountain. The companions on reaching the same goal. Perfect!
    • That beaches are good. But I couldn’t appreciate it at its fullest because of my inability to swim. So, I still prefer the idea of…sipping a hot coffee, sitting at the patch of grass, and just enjoying the scenery at the top of the mountain. But you can also do that on a front beach. Hahaha. But.
    • That traveling is meaningless without great companions. I had my best travel because of companions who have the same interest, trips, game-na-game attitude, matipid…and the list goes on.
    • I lost best of friends – for some unimaginable and unknown reason. They just walked out of my (best) friend zone. And they never came back. Different interest or change of heart?
    • New friends are delicate, a treasure in the making.
    • Family is a treasure. This is one of the challenging years for our family but we still dream and hope together despite the arguments and misunderstandings.
    • Love shouldn’t be complicated.
    • On every action, there is equal consequence.
    • That I fail God lots of times but always come back to Him…asking for His grace and unconditional love.

But this year, I’m hopeful. Too hopeful for beautiful pages.