Fan of Lib!

im a library fanatic!!!

outside the library.
the right side is where i usually utter my prayers and have fellowship with friends. the front side is where i wait for my friends and sometimes my place where i usually talk with new friends. the back side is where i usually conduct my cell meetings. the left side is too noisy, i think that is where BIG fans are located!

inside the library.
my relationship with ‘inside the library’, is something intimate and peaceful. that is the place where i find peace and focus, where i rest and sleep in the middle of my review, and simply…my place.

below is a picture of UPLB library, my first favorite library. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fan of Lib!

  1. Opps sorry Rhia ngayon lang ako nakapag backread at may tanong ka pa pala sa akin. pasensiya na at ngayon lang nakabisita ulit sa iyong bloghay.

    Ah kaya memorable sa akin ang UPLB library ay dahil madalas ako dyan noong bumibisita ako sa aking naging misis noong 1975-79. At madalas kong sinasamahan ang misis ko dyan sa library
    at madalas din na naka istambay lang sa gilid ng library.

    Musta na lang dyan sa atin at muli akong babalik upang magbasa.

    God Bless!

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