Hello World!

how are you?

hey folks, i know that i haven’t written much anything here. not anything with good sense – not something that could uplift your spirit, or break your heart, or at least awaken your curiosity. nothing! this page is becoming so boring that you could even decide to remove it from your blogroll. Lol. my last post is dated last february! wow! and today is already july. i can’t think of any valid excuse (at least valid for all of you. hahaha).

i have my usual work, been here for the past 3 years of my life. just adding some side activities in my career. oh, well. boring things to share right. hahaha.

well, for the past months…i was gone for cheap travels. it is not the usual long weekend getaways that we can have a laidback life. since i climb mt pulag last january, i have been dragging myself and enjoying climbing mountains. i became an instant fan of outdoor stuff and outdoor shops! when i go to malls, i make sure to pass the outdoor shop. even though items are generally the same, sometimes i find something unusual and new at their shop – like an expensive bandana or a very small towel! or a compass or a pedometer. outdoor shops is my forever21(at least for now). 🙂

with the cheap travels, i learned to value the companionship, friendship. companionship and friendship that can traverse the kahirapan sa pag-akyat ng bundok, the scorching heat, the heavy back pack, and whatever. hahaha. i particularly love the camping – bonfire, socials, laughter, and craziness!

after the fully loaded summer, somewhere on the last week of april, i finally decided to get back to a serious life of nerds and school. yes, graduate school welcomed me. it took me x persons to be my advisers and long y hours of talk…and finally deciding to let go one of my precious ‘dreams’. not really letting it go but at least letting it go for now. i have completed and submitted my requirements at grad school on the last day of its application. i had hard time getting responses for recommendation – its summer and maybe some of them are not even checking emails. Fast forward, i finally entered grad school!

grad school that first few weeks are so exciting and next weeks after that are brain drainer. hahaha!. the idea that I’m back with my stat books and theories excite me everyday. that passion gives me energy to work and study at the same. that same passion drives me to seek God’s favor and excellence in my life.

with grad school comes challenges of being in a new school, of pool of strangers, of 3-year backlog in the academe world and to my field per se. but what comes with these challenges is my drive to push myself harder. to at least value the favor, the stage of life where i am right now, the little time of idleness or sleep, the smile and laughter of your friends, that friends who never fail to support you in anyway, that someone who would be there to listen to you from your nonsense argument to senseful thoughts, or those who would give their special time to you.

i can’t think of a glamorous ending for this entry. too much hanging and clattered thoughts, so would it be fine if i’ll just say….

i’m okay and i’m living a life! Thank God! 🙂

until next time, dear few readers! I hope it will be sooner.