Mt Pulag: Reaching the roof of Luzon (Video)

We went hiking to reach the top of Luzon, peak of Mt. Pulag. We traveled from Manila to Benguet, hiked almost 4 hours to reach the camping ground, put up a tent to have a place to stay overnight, woke up early to catch sunrise, and walked 1.5 hours amidst of darkness and coldness to reach summit. Being at the top of this mountain is so fulfilling. It’s like reaching your goals in life surpassing all the struggles and boulders along the way. Congratulations to all the people I’m with at the summit! 🙂


Mt. Pulag Conquered!!!

This is a quick post. I didn’t took so may pictures because 1. my bag is so heavy, 2. it’s very cold, 3. my buddies have cool cameras, so I’ll just grab my pics from them. 🙂

But this is my certificate of conquest. It gives me a cool and bragging pleasure that I was able to reached and hiked the highest peak of Luzon with no porter, no enough sleep, and no exercise.


Psalm 138:8 in a MUG

Thank you, Lis for this gift. 🙂 I am not sure if this is a Christmas or a New year gift or just a gift — – anyway, thank you! And thank you as well for that special note, I am really glad that Sheena wrote notes for us. I was surprised! (*Parang fan lang*)



The simple mug became special because of its unique and creative design. Everyday, this would always remind me that God is working out for His plans in my life.

I was also reminded of the business we are planning to set up – no concrete plan until now! But I hope we could come up to a good plan soon. 🙂


untitled 1

It is raining outside
And very cold inside.
I wish to stop the rain
Or feel free to drown myself under

I wish to hold the raindrops
Or play under the rain.

Let it pour! Let it pour!
And drown me!
This too shall pass.
Drown me!
Leave me!

Let me feel the strong wind.
Let me love the rain.

*natagpuan kung scribbles sa paper na nasa jacket na nalabhan na. i think i wrote this last 2009 when i was making a major decision.

Where the Magic Stays…:]

Swaying back and forth while wishing that it would stop sooner
Staying strong at each swing, holding friends to keep you strong.
Telling self you can do it. Felt victory when it finally stops.
Anchors Away.

So slow to move up. Increasing anticipation to be on the top.
Too fast to go down. Free fall, floating on the air.
Extremely slow, extremely fast.
Extremes Tower Ride.

Pulls backwards from the station and up a lift hill.
Releases and passes through stations, enters different loop.
Upside down, increasing speed. Fighting fear.
Space shuttle Ride.

Waiting for your turn in the long queue to see the comic show
Much of the heartbeat stopping rides, lighter this time.
Little bit of shakes, taste of the character’s real experience.

Thought it was harmless, thought it was easy.
But you were shaken, tested, and soaked
Patience and forbearance challenged.
Rio Grande.

Amidst the crowd below, there is stillness on the top.
Magnificent view, lights, feeling the cold wind.
The wonderful conversation in between silence.
Wheel of fate.