Merry Christmas!!!

To my very few blog followers.
To my dear officemates and customers.
To my friends who were with me for the past 17 years.
To my precious friends who were with me for the past 11 years.
To my covenant friends for the past 7 years, you made me all feel so secured.
To my officemate and fun friends.
To my dear friends, close friends, best friends, all of you who are in my inner circle of friends, thanks for never ending love.
To that someone whom I wanted to kiss and hug.
To my new friends.
To that new friend who appeared and supported me in the last quarter of this year, I really appreciate you.
To my owl roommates, sometimes we don’t exchange words (we are all workaholic. lol).
To my Destiny family, who made me tired but I loved so much!
To my student-much sister and cousin, your room is rarely neat and clean. Lol.
To my brother who has his first girlfriend this year.
To my little sister who remains to be as charming and angelic as she is.
And To my parents who never fails to give their support.



If you happen to know me and care for me, I’ll tell you my inner situation— I am not happy. And I am not sure when will I be ok (at least in terms of this certain aspect). If you are my true friend – thanks. I appreciate your comfort and all your kind words for the past days. I do appreciate your simple ways to cheer me up – spend time talking to me, giving me hanky/tissues, texting me, or giving me food. I may have not expressed my sincerest gratitude but I appreciate you. If you are trying to sympathize but you really don’t care, please don’t try. I can actually identify your insincerity and I don’t need it, please. After all, I don’t need the whole world to sympathize with me. 🙂 I just need true friends.