Summer Love 2010

I’m not a super fan of summer. But I simply love this summer! Define fully scheduled summer!

Stat04 went to Mt. Romelo and Lanzones Falls. More than a month of planning and convincing people to join the trip ended up to just 9 people off to the mountain! Super masayang trip:

1. I planned all the itinerary and transpo stuff. 2. Newbie Shiela to join on Stat trip. 3. Trekking is one of those adventures that I love. 4. Barefoot trekking habang yung mga nakakasalubong naming along the way are in full gear! 5. Falls! 6. Tipid na trip. 600 – all expenses.

Destiny Makati Family Day. I am Shiela and I am Destiny. Hahaha! Super masayang trip as well: 1. Masarap ang food. 2. Super masarap ang food. 3. Super super masarap na food. Hahaha. Paulit-ulit. Basta, you get the idea? Masarap yung food. Moving on…4. Madaming food. Lols. Joking aside, 5. I had a good time to have bonding with this new Destiny Family.

You read it write. This event is a rare event – perhaps, once in a trillion years! OA ko – hahaha! But did you get the idea? It is very rare that my family goes out of town for swimming or anything similar. A blessing in disguise that I was not able to get my bus ticket the night before this day! Everyone was very happy that day, specially Shimara. Honestly, I prayed to God for an outing with my family — to complete my summer love. I’m super loved by God that my prayer was granted. 🙂 Btw, that guy below is my brother, he used to be my baby but he’s a grown up now! Look at his abs. Hahaha!

After six years, I had reunion with my highschool friends. I must accept the fact I made few friends in highschool. By friends I meant someone whom you could share your laughter and tears. Ok? It is very amazing that even after 6 long years – you can still share same stories on each other without any hesitation of another’s life changes! I simply love them despite the years and distance.

Huling hirit sa summer 2010! A Pinatubo subsidized trip by the company! Hp must be so nice to pay half of our Pinatubo expenses. I can say that it was not a super nice trip. Tama lng. Pwede na sa 7.9/10 score! Hahaha! 4×4 ride + trekking + boat + Pinatubo crater view = sealed my last summer day!

Summer mixes = face painting the bgy Valenzuela kids + BFF jona’s  graduation + passion Concert with friends and students.
Face painting is actually a part of the Destiny Makati Creative Crusade. Creative alert for all those creative juices! Hahaha! I drew hearts, flowers, etc to faces of many kids. We also presented a play that shows how God loves His children!

BFF Jona’s graduation. Hey, this girl almost left me with shame (peace, :p) and tears when she included our college challenges on her graduation speech. Waaah – this girl already graduated. Super Yey! We used to share one ulam every meal para makatipid! Hahaha! Congrats gurl!

Passion Concert. Last April, I bought 10 tickets for this concert. I invited my friends and former students and reserved them ticket. It maybe so similar with their concert two years ago but still I was still blessed. Till the next time.

P.S. I so adore Kristian Stanfill that night and days after that. Hahaha!

There! I wonder, san kaya ako next summer? 🙂