Dear John

Dear John,

It was one of those gloomy days in April that I thought of downloading you from the web and thought of watching you. I kept you in my hard disk and didn’t bother to scan you until I went home to my province for long days of contemplation.

It was one of those tiring nights that I decided to watch you. I hate and love the fact that you made me cry. Never would I forget that you left me in awe with bunch of lessons about life and love. You taught me about living and loving life at its fullest before time runs out.

I was not satisfied of just watching you in my laptop so when I saw you on the bookstore display; I didn’t make a second thought of buying you. So, that was the beginning that you became my constant companion.

You were with me at the dining table, morning jog at the field, train and bus ride on my way to office, and in all my idle time. And again, I hate the fact that you made me cry and smile.

I like Savannah Lynn Curtis. I feel so much like her. Sometimes naïve, conservative, but cheerful. If Savannah and I would live on same realm, we would surely meet in one of those Habitat builds or any activities at church. I like how she pursued her dreams and loved you at the same time. We both love kids but unlike her, I think I would not have enough patience to handle autistic people. But definitely, I would try.

I admire Tim Wheddon. And sometimes, I can sympathize with him. He is a genuine and rare kind. Loving someone without expecting anything in return. Just loving a friend and doing things as genuine friend. While reading you, I felt Tim’s happiness and loneliness.

I wish to be like you, John. I hope that time would come that I would understand what true love meant. I hope to also enjoy loving and being loved. I’m looking forward to experience that true and unconditional love.

In few months or years, I would be leaving to follow my duty too. Soon, I’ll be gone in an unknown place to pursue my calling. Surely, I can’t carry love. But I wish that love would find me in proper place at the right time.

I’ll write you again,

Dear John, Thank you.