Living Life: 021310 to 022210

A photoblog. 🙂 I have a photoblog site but I got this better idea from Mari. I think this is a good way of documenting my daily highlights through pictures.

All pictures were taken by me. I use either my Sony Cybershot T700 or N5800 Music Express phone.

Here is my first week entry. Uhm, I missed days but next week, I would try to have a daily picture. Enjoy! 🙂

A good friend and I went to Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Pampanga. We were a bit late because the first show already started and we got trapped outside the gate. 🙂

After the hot air balloon show, on the same date, an officemate drove us to his province – Pampanga. We got the chance to visit some churches that were devastated by lahar. Here is a picture of the church’s remain – a window.

I had a date with some friends from destiny Makati. I always have a party/date with these people every Valentines.

I drew these doodles when we were having dinner. I got a pen and tissue with me.

I took this picture of Katipunan Station while waiting for a train on my way back home. I came from a meeting that day in Ateneo for a special project.

Last Saturday early morning before I go to sleep (LOL, because I work up to 12mn and stay awake until 2 am), I consumed an apple and dessert while doing some online non-work stuffs.

On my way home, I planned to buy a book – A month to live – as influenced by Kuya Chard’s blog. But I end up not buying one because it is very costly – 899.00. Awww – almost near my weekly allowance. This is a picture of the Powerbooks floor. They designed it with books’ pages.

I was sleepless last weekend – pastor’s bday celebration, unexpected attendee of my officemate’s bday celebration, dm tasks, preparing a video presentation so I end up sleeping just for 2 hours. After I attended Sunday church service, I went straight to my bed. And so I slept from 4 pm (Sunday) to 6 am (Monday). 🙂 After I did some morning routine, I opened my laptop and watched (again) 500 days of summer while eating mango and pasta for breakfast. 🙂



Thanked God for all the things He gave last 2009 and prayed for a more blessed 2010; Helped and facilitated Project 6 Elementary School representatives for their school planning; With the HP volunteers for ACED project – you really have this wonderful feeling when you are with people who have the same passion as yours; short encounter of a pbb fan in the pbb house – special thanks to buddy for bringing me in there; first octopus ride which happens to be the funniest ride I’ve ever experienced (so far); GPDB kick-off – aligning goals for a better 2010; with the AM volunteers for Habitat Build (building homes) – great feeling for being part of the core team for the first time; bonding with the DMI Makati women; first visit to DMI Cavite Church to celebrate their 2nd year anniv; went out with some SOD 04 buddies- watched a Jackie Chan movie and dinner; Winning Edge Team Building – dancing under the moonlight, gate crashers, accidents, fun, EMEA donyalets, TEAM;  waking up so early to watch the sunrise – and I sooo appreaciate these people who woke up so early just to join us.


I saw these songs when I was surfing some non-work sites today.

Song #1: Faithfully by Eric and Leslie Ludy

Minus the super slow melody, I really love this song. It reminds me of faithfulness in waiting.

They say that i’m a fool to wait for something more
How can I really love someone i’ve never seen before
But I have longed for true love every day that I have lived
And I know that real love is all about learning how to give
So I pray that god will bring you to me
And I pray you’ll find me waiting faithfully

Song #2: Next Time I fall in Love

Need I say more? I love every single word of this song. It is verrrry meaningful and personal.

Next time I fall in love, it will be
A love that will go on forever
Next time I fall in love, I will know
It's God Who has brought us together
And it will be forever
Next time I fall in love

Past Valentines

It’s the first day of February – a hearts’ month. And it’s 13 days before the official valentines day.

In the past years, valentines is a special date for me. No – not because I went out with special someone for romantics dates but simply because it is about surprises and love. 🙂

I saw my friend’s profile pix in FB today – it was a photo taken in one of our valentines party three years ago. And it ignites me to be in a melancholic mode.

2005: We had our first SOD Valentines Party. I’m not used to dress up for parties but I just have to that time, else, I will miss the party. I also helped the organizers to decorate the place before the party proper. It was also my first “jelly” moments when he asked someone else instead of me as his first dance (this event I will not forget…hahaha. ). And ooppps – I was not a wall flower on that day. I was dancing, really. Sweet days.

2006: Blank memory. Hahaha. I can’t remember. But for sure, I’m in the UP Feb Fair.

2007: Valentines Party Part 2. This time, he didn’t ask me to dance. 😀 Seriously, hahaha! 😀 But nevertheless, I enjoyed the night because I felt so pretty.

2008: Most memorable valentines’ day so far.
Darbo: They posted my picture (which was layout inside a heart and has written phrase…”love ko, darang ko!) on my apartment’s gate and all around the campus. Believe me, I can see my picture almost everywhere inside the school.
Bros: They disturbed (peace..hahaha) us in our sleep by singing love songs outside our house. And they also gave us flowers.
Daughters: There is a mini surprise for me almost every week. Someone would put a gift outside our house with no name as sender. By the end of the month, I realized that ALL the gifts came from my daughters. I really really love them. 🙂

That year, I also did an effort to give valentines gifts to my special daughters and ate’s. From a not-so-thoughtful me, it is something. Yey! hahaha.

I also received a necklace from someone on the last minute of the valentines. I think it was God’s way to cheer me up that day after series of stressful events – exams, etc. 🙂 Sad to say – the necklace is gone. I lost it when I also have to let go. Hahaha. Dramas. 😀

2009: I went home to elbi and attended a UP Fair after an ALUMNI homecoming event that day. I think I had the usual but nevertheless special dates with my inaanak and daughters.

As for me, this day does not require romantic dates. Hope that you will all have a happy valentines in your own and special way.