Life at Her Hometown

She went back to her hometown for a yearly Christmas break. She has been away from the town since she was 12 – living on her own in different far provinces to study and work. But though 10 years are considerably long time, the town is still pretty familiar for her. She still knows every street, way back home, people, school, church, market, and even the owner of the new built store. Some things have never changed – like the bachelor carpenter man who built their house when she was young and who still repairs their house until now whenever needed. The man didn’t get married after those long years and he still lives in his own little house near the farm. One man still plays the guitar and who continuously remind her of her singing career when she was young. The man is her distance relative who usually sits in one of sari-sari stores in the barangay to hold a drinking session weekly. Most of the fellow still depends on farming for living and some are dependents of their relatives working on far away places like Manila or overseas. But most of them are considerably living and earning one day at a time.

Her family owns a sari-sari store where almost all the people in the barangay pass by to buy something for their everyday lives. People at the town don’t usually buy bulk groceries so a mini store is a sure hit. She was a stand-by once in a while in their store giving her an opportunity to observe on her neighborhood. Her two younger cousins have already married (not officially married) – and they are all living in one roof with their parents. The entire household in their compound have wives or husbands despite their young age. Her playmates and schoolmates when she was in primary school have already kids.

Life in her hometown is so simple. People work to eat and live. A life with one step level higher than this can be found in the next town – malls, groceries, bigger markets, college campus, and a lot more. But she simply loves her hometown’s simplicity – an escaping place to the city’s complexities.



Next week would be my 2nd Hp shutdown. Twenty months ago, I left my 2nd family and comfort zone – elbi. And it has been almost 16 months since I found new friend and set of friends. It is more than a year now since I step in a new church. Five months ago since God-knows-that-event in my life. Two months ago, I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Finally, this month I’m getting used of my new database, work, and critical issues. Yesterday, I learned that I am now familiar with my way back home and could direct my driver to the right direction. Today is my 2nd two-week long Hp shutdown, 1st non-org charity event, and 2nd full force batch reunion. Time flies too fast.

Third Stop

I was so privileged to join an amazing activity last weekend, the treasure hunting. I can’t consider it as a game because this activity is for real. At first, I was so hesitant to join because I thought I was too “old” for the game. By the way, I attended a youth conference so I thought the activity was only for the youth or students.

Treasure hunting is an activity where you try to locate your treasure using your treasure map – an unusual map. You are the author of your treasure map! You would be given a piece of paper where you can write location, person’s name, person’s appearance, what they need to be prayed for, and the unusual (about your treasure). Before you write items in your paper, you need to pray first and ask Him about the details to write in your treasure map.

I followed what the leader has instructed about the treasure map. Here’s what I wrote: location – under a tree, person’s appearance – male, what they need to pray for – finances; the unusual – notebook and rabbit.

First stop – Tailor shop. My groupmates’ list located their treasure to the man in the tailor shop. I guess and thought that he was also my treasure because he is a male and their shop is under a tree. But the clues were pointing out more to their clues. As much as we wanted to pray for our treasure, the man did not allow us for he said that he is too busy with his business.

Second Stop – Tailor shop again with dressmakers. We went to a shop of dressmakers as the location and unusual clues were pointing to that place. Again, my groupmates find their treasure. Their treasure is the dressmaker woman who has a backache. Amazingly, they prayed for the woman and she got healed. She even felt a heat at her back – which is the holyspirit manifestation. She was thankful for the prayers. Also, there is another treasure in that place who has a rebellious daughter. We prayed for her and she was left with tears. God really and amazingly touched people’s lives in that place.

the treasureThird stop – A pet store. I was somehow frustrated because it was my first time and it seems that I won’t be able to find my treasure. I ask my groupmates to continue walking since there were still enough time. My treasure map said that I should locate a notebook and a rabbit. While walking towards a direction, I saw a man writing in a notebook in a pet store. I asked my groupmates that we can cross the street and see if it is my treasure. Just when I enter the store, I saw the rabbits! Super amazing, I found my clues. And where is my treasure?  I found a male with a notebook and a rabbit. He was asking to pray for his business growth (a finance matter). There, I found my treasure. He was thankful for all the prayers. Moreover, my groupmates also found their treasure in that store. They prayed for a healing of a man in yellow shirt. Miraculously, the man got healed.

“This may seem a little odd, but we are on a treasure hunt, and we think you’re on our list”.

fairy tale

When you were little kids, you often believed in fairy tales, the fantasy of what your life could be. You dreamt to be a beautiful princess of your prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. Almost every night, before you close your eyes, you would utter your dreams with complete faith that someday your dreams would turn into a reality.

But eventually you grow up and officially an adult. One day you open your eyes and all your fancy fairy tale disappears.   Suddenly, people expect you to be more responsible, serious, a grown-up.


Suddenly, the princess  flew but not to his prince’s castle. She had to leave and live. She undergone a long journey and defeated many obstacles, wild animals, and creatures in the desert. She was often helpless but eventually tasted victories through the help of her knight in shining armor who taught her to fight her challenges. Along the way, she also met a lady who helped her familiarize the place. She also met a group of elves who helped her with the dos and donts of the new kingdom. Meanwhile, the prince has to remain at his palace to serve his countrymen. He continued to serve the palace and his people well. He was able to expand his king’s land and double their crops and animals. But he never helped his princess.


Perhaps, the prince and the princess have to live and learn things without each other. Perhaps, the prince has really forgotten his princess. Perhaps, the princess made some unbearable pain to his prince that made him forget her. Perhaps, the prince is meant for another princess. And so is the princess. Or perhaps, the perfect timing has not come yet for them to be together again. Perhaps but no certain fact…


It is always a fight of expectation vs truth and a battle of fantasy vs reality. Life as we all know it is…uncertain and full of surprises.

Live, life, and love.