Journal 101

“To man belongs the plans of the heart but from the Lord comes the reply of the tongue”
Proverbs 16:1

Sunflower in a desert. Summer wear in Tagaytay. Pajamas in a beach. Long gown in a costume party. Would you think this would work? Of course, it can be but it wouldn’t work. Or if it would work – it would not be so good or excellent.

May mga bagay na hindi talaga pwedeng ipilit kahit gustuhin mo, kahit gustuhin ko, at kahit gustuhin ng lahat. Hindi na tlga ngwowork eh.

God has a plan. God has better plan.

I’m shredding off my plans – and allowing God’s plan in my life. I’m willing to let go and move on. I’m willing to give up the things I have right now to allow new and fresh things in my life.

I did a lot of things for the past months – some are good, some are not. Some are with excellence, some are just for compliance.

But I’m shredding this off – and I mark a new challenge for myself.

This day marks a new change! A new chapter!

P.S. Adrian started his country hopping today. I witnessed how God moved in his life. He was highly favored because he simply obeys.


Conversation with a Stranger

Stranger: Hello Sophea, good morning.
Sophea: Good morning.
Stranger: You look so sad.
Sophea: Yes, because I feel so incompetent these days. It seems like I’m losing the excellence I’ve been promoting for the past years. I should be the light of the world, right? But what is happening to me?
Stranger: Is there a problem?
Sophea: Yes. For 2 week straight, leads are correcting and commenting my work. I feel that even my little glitch is magnified.
Stranger: Do you think that they are so mean to you?
Sophea: Quite. Uhm, not really. I think they are simply doing their job.
Stranger: Then you should be accepting those corrections.
Sophea: My little ego says that they should also be correcting other people.
Stanger: Do you think they are not correcting other people?
Sophea: I don’t know.
Stranger: Then you should not be thinking about it. Does it matter?
Sophea: It does.
Stranger: Oh well, it should not matter to you. They are your leaders and they decide and do whatever is best for your team. If they decide or do wrong, they are accountable to God who appointed them in that position.
Sophea: Ok, I understand.
Stranger: Are you feeling better?
Sophea: Quite. I thought my weekend can engulf the bad aura I had last week.
Stranger: It didn’t?
Sophea: It does for a while.
Stranger: Then, what happened?
Sophea: I was again surprised by another RED correction today, just in time when I wake up.
Stranger: How did you start your day?
Sophea: Open my laptop, check work emails, and did some little school stuff.
Stranger: So, you mean work.
Sophea: yes?
Stranger: Shouldn’t you start your day with positive notes. Greet God for a good morning, utter a prayer, and read His word.
Sophea: I can hardly do that these days. Busy scheds and unprepared heart.
Stranger: Time is so important. You should be spending time wisely. Take rest.
Sophea: I will. Thank you.
Stranger: When you say rest, have peace at your heart.
Sophea: You are a stranger, why do you speak to me in that manner?
Stranger: I was not a stranger in your life. I am so familiar but I became stranger to you as time progress.
Sophea: Huh? But I really don’t know you.
Stranger: You know me. I care for you. I love you.

He went at my seat, wipe my tears, and hug me tightly. And I remember everything – his love, grace, and kindness. It lasts long. Longer.

Love you, daddy God. I miss you. 😦

Before Sophea Day Arrives…

  • Her planned celebration was cancelled due to a church seminar pulling all her friends from attending. And since almost everyone can’t come, the event was cancelled. No La Mesa ecopark long planned birthday celebration.
  • She was escalated again for some work issues. This is the 2nd time. Same mistakes of yesterday. I think she needs to reorganize her priorities.
  • She had her last day of class at school. One of the goals she achieved this year. Congrats sophea!
  • She bought a new purple bracelet. She likes bracelet a lot!
  • She accidentally broke her sandals at the school gate while she was having chitchat with her students. She had to buy herself a new slipper and hide her broken footwear.
  • She accepted all her student’s request at Facebook and found some funny/toxic wall post about her subjects. Below are some of the comments.

o April. haiks!! last quiz on monday and tuesday- inferential stat and probability theory respectively… then,tuesday also final examination on real analysis…. and at friday: final examination on probability theory…… sna makapasa aq sa 3 remaining subj…ects q…. to abet,eric,kin at gene-sa inferential..kaya ntin to! amen!! ……review mode(later naq mgstart gang sunday night)onwards…….
o April. ui. . .lapit na mdterms…sna mkapasa aq… eric,abet,gene and kin, kya ntin ito sa inferential!
o Kin. Ang saya ng 1st class ko.. weee.. (pero wag daw lalaki ang ulo).. medyo ayos na ako sa Infe.. thanks to Ma’am Data.. LOL
o Willy. Clasm8 my k0pya n q ng pr0b set ntn s pr0ba the0ry. Cnu nkakila2 s mga ireg. Lg0t aq pg d q cla nbgyan ng k0pya. Huhu. 2lungan ny0 aman aq.

  • She got her first salary at the school – salary for two months but she has been laboring and teaching for 5 months.
  • She would like to take a loooong walk tomorrow in a park or in a beach, who wants to join her?
  • She would like to play guitar and sing!
  • She thanks God for her true friends who never failed to cheer her up in depressing times like today.
  • She thanks God for another wonderful year!

Student, Shuttlemate, and Officemate

1. Jomar – my student. He cheated during the first quiz. He is one of the topnotcher but he cheated. He let his seatmates copy an item to his answers. I can recall that he was really teary eyed during our confrontation. On our 2nd quiz earlier, he humbly exchanged a seat to his classmate when I ask him to. I saw in his eyes that he was determined to uplift his integrity not just to impress me. Thumbs up for you jomar. 🙂

2. Ex-Shuttlemate – I forgot his name but I’m sure that he was one of my shuttlemates. He is working in this company for 3-4 years (I’m not sure again)? Anyway, here is the story. We met at the desert’s store at the ground floor of our office. It has become my habit not to put my grocery in a plastic to lessen the plastic waste in Earth. So I told the seller not to put my desert in the plastic. I also told her to recycle the plastics instead. My ex-shuttlemate said, “Ate, wag niyo n lng din po ilagay yung desert ko sa plastic”. And he looked at me and said, “You influenced me”. Awww! 🙂 Earth would be a better place to live if we would have lesser plastic wastes. 🙂

3. Elisa – my officemate. I shared to her the precious songs in my playlist. Songs that are not so famous but are really soooo beautiful. Most of the songs were shared to me by Manong. I’m so selfish that I only share these songs to few people. 😦 Don’t get me wrong but there are some things in your life that are so precious that you just can’t tell it to the whole world. Gets? 🙂 She almost cried…:( Awww. 😦 If you want to know the songs, ask Manong. 🙂

Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day

with my co-teachers
with my co-teachers

I entered my 7:30-9:30 am Statistical Inference class today. I returned their checked exam papers. Then, I lectured about statistical hypothesis, z-test, and t-test. And dismissed the class.

After class, I went to the payroll section to check my salary for the WHOLE sem. I wasn’t able to get any single centavo since I started teaching because of the ssssssllllooooowwww processing of papers. I received good news that they will pay me by the end of the week.

I went to SM after to buy some personal stuffs and went home.

While checking my emails, someone texted me: “Hapi teachers day po:>”. So far, it was the sweetest greetings I’d ever received this year. And it came from my student, Mark. As of writing, only 1 out of my approximately 240 students greeted me today. I am not sad or anything. One greeting from my student makes a difference.

I don’t know that today is a teacher’s day. I don’t even remember greeting any of my teachers in elementary, highschool, and college on 5th day of October. So, I don’t’ really know about this. I consulted Google ( regarding this information.

So, there, today is a Teacher’s Day.

(Thank You Mark for telling me that today is my day. I can’t actually remember your face but I’m really thankful.

I know that I never greeted someone a happy teachers day. So, let me have this chance to greet ALL my teachers who equipped me: “Happy Teachers Day and Thank you”.

Special mention to:
Mrs. Sotto, my elementary teacher who thought me about God and that girls should not wear jumper.
Serfres, my favorite chemistry teacher who helped me appreciate Chemistry in high school.
Mam Amar and Mam Amon, my favorite teachers who are now both happily married. They are really awesome teachers.
Dr. Zita Vj. Albacea, my so favorite stat teacher and role model in college.

Thanks for always believing in me.

To my students, I believe in you. Two weeks left! Let the countdown begin. 🙂

students coming in class in an early morning setting
students coming in class in an early morning setting

Ondoy Tragedy

It was Sept 26, Saturday.

10 am. I was sleeping soundly at my apartment because I thought it was a just a normal Saturday – my day for an unlimited sleep. It was 10 when I woke up, rain was pouring hard outside my window. I went downstairs to prepare breakfast for myself. I found knee-length flood at the first floor. I ignored it thinking that it would soon pass.

12 pm. The water level was rising up. My sister and cousin were still not home. I am so worried that I keep on texting them to come home ASAP as the flood was rising up. My sister said that she was about to go home. My cousin said that water was also rising up at their school so she can’t go home.

2 pm. We ate lunch. My sister had to traverse the flood to buy ourselves some food. Good thing – there is an open sari sari store infront our house.

View of the street outside my room
View of the street outside my room

4 pm. Water was soooo high. Our ref and all the furnitures downstairs were already swimming.  We can’t save anything. Oooppps. We were able to save our rice cooker.

ref in the sala?
ref in the sala?
sofa floating but at least it is still in the sala
sofa floating but at least it is still in the sala

All throughout the night, the level was rising up.

8 pm. Only 1 meter was left and the second floor would be reached by the flood. Urg.

10 pm. Thank God the rain stopped.

Sept 27, Sunday.

10 am. I woke up and saw the mud all over the place. Things were cluttered and misplaced.

mud mud mud
mud mud mud

10 am onwards. We cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned all day long.

clean all day
clean all day